Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

With your customers permission you could be sending them special deals, coupons, special events or mini-updates right to their mobile phones.

Businesses that engage in this practice call it "text message marketing", and view it as being advantageous and effective in reaching their target markets and growing their base audience.


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Text Message Marketing Common Questions

1)Can I buy list, or use contacts I've stored on my cell phone?

No. Sending unauthorized text messages is illegal .

2)Software usually means expensive. Is this the case with text messaging software?

No! The cost of SMS can vary from software to software but in general SMS marketing cost is between $5-$25 per keyword used. Text will cost anywhere from $0.01 to $0.05 per text.

Some companies charges a monthly fee for a fixed amount of text messages and keywords. It is super affordable. 

3)Is it a full time setup an job like e-mail marketing?

SMS campaigns are easier to setup, and 160 characters like a tweet is all that's needed to be effective with text message marketing. 

4)Will customers be upset about receiving text messages from a business ?

Not if you have made sure they opted in to receive them, there is value provided in each text, and no spam techniques are practiced. 

5)How heavy is text message competition?

Surprisingly, small to mid sized businesses, unaware of the affordability, are missing out on having something their competitors doesn't have. 


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Text Message Marketing Basics and How it Works

SMS marketing can be easier than e-mail marketing, and that's a relief. For many campaigns, 8 things are needed for text message marketing to be effective.


  1. Opt- in permission
  2. Keyword reservation and brand relevancy
  3. Shortcodes
  4. Text marketing list
  5. The perfect time to send a text
  6. Value behind each text
  7. Follow up text messages for proper communication or conversation
  8. ROI measuring  


example of keyword(deals) and shortcode (727272)

photo via usshortcodedirectory.com


For a business to make a  text message marketing campaign work , they need to pay close attention to the keyword chosen. The business should try to tie in this keyword into the offer they are presenting to the customer.
Simply put, if they are giving away "half-off steak dinners", it wouldn't be wise to choose "fish" as the keyword. Thier message should also add enough value to the customer. 10% off a $17.00 steak meal is only $1.70 in savings.
Depending on the competition pricing, this may not add enough value if the competition has a simular dinner for $16.00. That $15.70 offer would not seem like an exciting deal, unless it was a higher grade steak.
Also remember value does not mean discounts at all times. A friendly reservation reminder would provide value as well. The beauty of text message marketing is it's many uses to engage customers.
Woman looking at cellphone with the caption: Whatever you offer, you need to ensure that your messages have value, or customers will opt-out from receiving them.


Reasons Why Text Message Marketing Works

  • Within arms reach, almost everyone has a cell phone.
  • Those who receive text messages read them within a few minutes.
  • As a permission-based tool, messages are highly targeted to those who already express interest.
  • The highest possible read rate for sales promotions is ones sent through a text.


Advantages of Text Message Marketing

  • Compared to other marketing mediums, text message marketing has the best engagement rates.
  • The amount of adults that now own mobile phones are higher than ever.
  • Links to websites, or landing pages can be included to promote other marketing initiatives.  
  • Adding a "reply" button can increase engagements or quickly verify purchases and more.
  • Instant delivery of messages.
  • Ability to add personalizing in the message.


Text Message Marketing Engagement Strategies

Text message marketing does not have to be boring. There are many creative ways a business could use text message marketing to engage with customers.

  1. Send customers coupons and exclusive deals
  2. Expand your marketing by creating drip campaigns
  3. Allow customers to share their opinion through polls
  4. Make it fun by including contest form time to time
  5. Add visual media like photos and videos


SMS Subscriber List Growing Strategy

A business does not have to wait for a customer to visit to grow their text message marketing list. Here are a few ways to grow a list:

  • Use Facebook Lead Generation Ads
  • Use email marketing 


SMS Software

With CTownSaver you can send text messages to those who opt in to receive your deals or who enrolls into your loyalty program.


CTownSaver,s software alowws for text message marketing

 Here is a list of other SMS platforms for you to choose from:


  1. Tatango
  2. EZ Texting
  3. Call Loop
  4. Textedly
  5. Simple Texting
  6. Slick Text



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Get started with CTownSaver's Mobile Deals and Text Message Software For Free!

Start Mobile Deals with Text Messaging Free. No Credit Card Needed