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Our Story:

CTownSaver is an customer loyalty software platform located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio that helps businesses attract new customers and keep their current customers loyal.

Products and services include

  • Mobile loyalty program software (mobile punch cards),
  • sales promotion software (mobile deals),
  • social media advocacy software (social rewards),
  • test message marketing software (text messaging),
  • email marketing intergrations with MailChimp and Constant ,
  • and a blog full of educational and informational content.

After 20 years of retail management, CTownSaver's Founder and CEO Kevin Johnson had a vision: Developing unbreakable customer loyalty, where smaller businesses could compete with larger companies.

CtownSaver's mission is to create marriages between businesses and customers that last forever. That means improving the communications between the two parties for the "Good of All".

Small business now can stand tall and strong.

CTownSaver builds loyalty between businesses and customers ... one app at a time.

Founded in January 2018 , we like to say were the new kids on the block. We have a powerful platform, and our goal is to strengthen the relationships between the small and mid size business owner and the consumer.

 Through the years, our Owner and Ceo Kevin Johnson has gained experience and insite into customer loyalty, managing in retail for over 20 years. His stops include Bi-Rite Supermarkets, CitiTrend Clothing, and Rite Aid Pharmancy.
These stops were in the east and west side of Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Maple Heights, Randall, Warren, Columbus, and Toledo. He knows the area, and has seen what works well and also seen where businesses struggle.
Thus CTownSaver was born.

What Is CTownSaver Video:


Our commitment to you.

  • Your Time: When we set appointments, we keep them. Your relationship with is too valuable.
  • Our Work:  We dont stop after one payment. We strive to market your branded app to help you thrive over your competition.
  • Everyone Benfits: You will have new customers while keeping your current customers loyal. Customers will be happy to know they are rewarded for spending their hard earned money. And we feel good for putting it all together. Everyone benifits from the services CTownSaver provides.
  • And to qoute Tony Hsieh-"Customer service shouldnt just be a department, it should be the entire company." Call anyone of us at anytime. Our superior customer service is free.