What is social media advocacy?

February 11th, 2019

What is Social Media Advocacy?


When a brand is talked about on social media channels in a positive way, this is referred to as social media advocacy. This can be done through customers, clients, or employees.


 Social media advocacy is more effective when it comes to spreading the word about your business than you can talking about your own products or services.


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It provides organic word-of-mouth marketing that's real, and trusted by the advocates following. This make peer-to peer recommendations stronger than any other marketing tools you have.


Those who already like your brand will increase its awareness, become loyal customers, and provide you with honest feedback. In this post, we will focus on customer advocacy.

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Social Media Advocacy Program

Although it's possible to receive social media advocacy for free, businesses wishing to build up customer relationships come up with an structured strategy for building up this network. This strategy is referred to as an social media advocacy program.


A properly ran program will reap beautiful benefits. You can expect increased revenue, a stronger brand image, and higher authority between your competitors.


To begin a successful social media advocacy program lets implement the following steps:


  1. Carefully think of what you want to achieve with the program
  2. Create excitement around the program and invite those who are already advocates  
  3. Plan for growth and how you will keep the advocates engaged

1) Carefully Think Of What You Want To Achieve With The Program


Setting marketing campaign goals  is how you are going to measure the success and the effort you put in. By setting SMART marketing goals you'll have something to reach for. Smart goals stand for :


  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

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 In creating social media advocates you may choose to measure brand awareness. Flypchart provided an example of what your social media brand awareness goals may look like.



And here are some goals for setting brand loyalty:



After you have carefully considered your goals you would want to create excitement around the program.


2) Create Excitement Around The Program


This is just as important as the goals itself. A dull program will get no one in a rush to sing your praises. The key to creating excitement is tied to customer happiness.


Coupons, not only can encourage return visits, but can create a buzz, if the deal is big enough. Personalize your responses to those who speak up.Thank them publicly.


3) Plan For Growth


As you begin to have success with your social media advocate program, you will need a way to sustain that momentum, and keep the program from getting boring to long term advocates.


Also, you would hate to not have enough product on hand or cancel appointments because your calendar is always full.


In addition, maybe long term advocates could be rewarded with a t-shirt, with your logo( so they will still advocate). I've seen happy twitter tweets from people who receive such things by surprise.


Twitter T-Shirt giveaway example


 Lastly more eyeballs from your competitors will surly come. They will not just sit back and be let as a memory. They will most likely study your activity and imitate you in some form.


Being able to kick the gears up a notch when this happens will ensure your success with the program.


Keep in mind that if you don't provide value, customers won't becomes advocates to begin with. 



Social Media Advocacy Plan

Planning ahead for what you will do when you gain traction is what can keep your social media advocates growing in numbers.  So what is this plan outline?


  1. Ask your advocates to share what you post already on social media. 
  2. Have special perks through exclusive access only and invite customers who like your brand to join.
  3. Ask advocates after they have provided you with positive feedback to leave testimonials.
  4. Ask for referrals. If customers are satisfied with your services, they wont mind telling their close circle of friends.
  5. Offer incentives through an reward system for new prospects they introduce.
  6. Have contest and giveaways and ensure the reward is something for advocates only. 


facebook thumbs up with 1500 likes and the caption :Planning ahead for what you will do when you gain traction is what can keep your social media advocates growing in numbers.


Social Media Advocacy Tools

One such social media advocacy tool you could use is CTownSaver's Social Rewards Software. With Social Rewards businesses can get increases exposure, as you can reward customers for sharing information and deals from your business on social media.



33% of buyers trust messages from a brand, while 90% of customers trust products or service recommendations form connections.


Yes, social media advocacy is a powerful word-of-mouth, peer-to-peer marketing strategy that increases sales, creates a buzz around your brand, and leaves your competitors envious.


As long as you set goals, create excitement, and pre-plan for growth, all should be well with your social media advocacy program.