4 Restaurant Loyalty Program Providers That Helps You In Winning Customers For Life

April 2nd, 2019

Choosing to upgrade your restaurant by starting a loyalty rewards program is a wise choice. You will better be equipped to handle the constant changes in consumer behavior, and become more profitable in an industry that works off already thin margins.


You will be well on your way to better benefits from such an investment that includes: 


  • Repeat business even in economically challenging times 
  • The building up of positive community relationships
  • Better decision making due to customer behavioral data
  • Competitive advantages 
  • Increased visit frequency and average purchase amount
  • Creating customer satisfaction and customer loyalty


To gain the biggest impact from customer loyalty programs, you should strongly consider going with the motto, "Out with the old, in with the new."  Where am I going with this?


Well, would you invest in black and white or floor model T.V's for your restaurant, to capture the attention of your future consumer base that will see to it that your business remains a place to go for the foreseeable years to come?


You wouldn't unless you had a vintage theme you were specializing in.


You would, on the other hand, go for colored, or hi-def flat screen T.V.'s!


Loyalty program software has too changed. To keep up with what consumers treasure the most these days... which is everything mobile, loyalty programs have too made this shift. 


In this post, we will cover together reasons to choose a mobile app, what to look for in the providers of the program software, 4 excellent loyalty program providers, and gather ideas from other restaurants that have invested in mobile loyalty


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Why Choose A Restaurant Mobile Loyalty App?


When you choose to have a restaurant loyalty app, you are creating an opportunity to convert first time guest into regular customers because of the apps hassle-free approach.


This is possible because the mobile loyalty software provides simplicity, making you avoid the costly mistake of launching a campaign your customers find overly complicated. Your staff will also find it easier to be knowledgeable about the program, blustering customer relations, and engagement in a positive way.


The app also frees up the number of things a customer already has to carry on them and is less likely to get lost.


Customers won't hesitate to sign up for your program because they will be eager to receive the discounts or rewards that come with being a loyal member, and racking up points can prove to be fun for them. 


What To Look For In Loyalty Program Providers For Restaurants 


When narrowing down your choices for the loyalty program software you will decide to use, you need to check a few boxes. The software needs to be:


  • User- Friendly
  • Robust in features while affordable at the same time
  • Simple to set up, use, and explain to customers and team members



4 Excellent Restaurant Loyalty Program Providers


  1. CandyBar
  2. Paytronix
  3. Loyalty Plant
  4. CTownSaver



1) CandyBar

Restaurant Loyalty Program Provider logo for CandyBar
Visit CandyBar


CandyBar offers a free 30-day account with no hidden cost, and no credit card is required. With CandyBar, you could customize your rewards, and set it up on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


It runs off your browser, so no downloads are required. Using an SMS, customers are asked to leave feedback after receiving their stamps. A dashboard is provided to help you improve campaigns by analyzing the analytics CandyBar provides.   



Restaurant Loyalty Program Provider logo for Paytronix


Paytronix comes with a flexible customer management system that allows for real-time changes to the look and feel of your mobile app. The app is customizable, easy to use, and time sensitive.


With integration with Apple Pay, payments are kept private and reward redemptions are simple. The mobile app is branded to provide a better user experience, and navigation is easy with location services included.


Paytronix also allows for native online ordering, which can help with increasing revenue for your restaurant.


3) loyaltyplant 

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Visit loyaltyplant


Scheduling a demo with loyaltyplant offers you a way to try a white-label restaurant mobile app, which strengthens brand-consumer relationships.


To help manage the app, they provide a CRM system that tracks and provides behavioral analytics. The POS integration allows you to enable 

digital order processing with operational feedback in real-time.


4) CTownSaver

Restaurant Loyalty Program Provider logo for ctownsaver
Visit CTownSaver


CTownSaver is an award-winning mobile loyalty program software provider which offers a free 30-day demo to build your customer loyalty and relationships.


With robust and easy to use mobile punch cards, paper punch cards are a thing of the past. QR codes are provided for security and to verify punches.


With CTownSaver, your restaurant can set up simple and visually appealing tablets on the checkout counter for registration, and redemption of punches or rewards.


Mobile deals allow for specials, or sales promotions to be sent straight to the users mobile phone, without the need to collect points. Creating a buzz on social media, and growing advocates is easy with social rewards that this software provides.        


Gathering Ideas From Other Restaurant Loyalty Programs

When coming up with ideas for your loyalty program, a great way is to look at how other established brands are doing their thing.


Here is a short reference list of restaurants that are embracing and offering mobile loyalty programs to their customers. 




Chick Fil A Restaurant Loyalty Program




Using one of the restaurant loyalty program providers listed in this post will create for you a more profitable business going forward. You will be making the shift to mobile loyalty, which customers are favoring more and more.


In addition, you will still receive the security that comes with this technology as well as branding benefits.


To see what works, look at the well-established brands and don't be afraid to model some of your campaigns after them. After all, you want your investment to reap rewards, for you and your customers.


Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments! 


Written by Kevin Johnson


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