How Does Text Message Marketing Work, and What Software Providers Are There?

March 2nd, 2019

You've reached the point where you are now considering text message marketing for your business.


After a while, you may have noticed a dip in email open rates, or that flyer coupons aren't being redeemed at the pace they once were when you first opened for business. Heck, you even have tried hot air balloon marketing.


Rest easy my friend. Text message marketing is a good choice, as it tends to be highly effective for several reasons. 


In this post we will cover how text message marketing works, the advantages you have when using text message marketing, and software providers you can choose from. But first, lets define what a text message marketing campaign is.



What is a Text Message Marketing Campaign?


Text message marketing campaigns is part of an marketing strategy in which your business interacts with customers or prospects through text messages.


Not only are these campaigns budget friendly, as keywords cost from $5 to $25, and sent texts cost 1-cent to 5-cents each, they also have high engagement and response rates.


How Does Text Message Marketing Work?


For you to run a text message marketing campaign, you are going to need a keyword and a shortcode.


You can use any marketing channels to promote your message. Prospects or customers will text the keyword to the shortcode to opt-in to your offer. For example:


SMS keyword and shortcode example wit the caption:


The keyword in this example is DEALS. The shortcode is 01234. After texting this keyword to the shortcode, they would then receive an automated message conforming their opt-in.


When choosing a keyword, try to tie it in to what you are offering when the customer opts-in. Many businesses have found success when they tie in their offers to the following:


  • Exclusive deals
  • Schedule, or appointment reminders and notifications
  • Automated messages via drip campaigns
  • Poll voting 
  • Sweepstakes and contest


Whatever you offer, you need to ensure that your messages have value, or customers will opt-out from receiving them.


Your messages should also include a call to action, which increases engagement with your campaign.


And make sure you are sending them at a respectful time. Sending them a text right before nightly nap time might alert the user that a family emergency is happening, just to find out it's an offer that could have waited in the morning.


This is a good way to get your number blocked or opted-out off, a poor review written about your business, of phone and email complaints.


Woman looking at cellphone with the caption: Whatever you offer, you need to ensure that your messages have value, or customers will opt-out from receiving them.


2 Main Advantages of Text Message Marketing.

Text message marketing has many advantages, but there are 2 big advantages you will like a lot.


  1. High engagements rates
  2. Fast delivery of messages

It's been noted that text message marketing can have an open rate as high as 82% and messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt.This makes the scheduling of the messages more effective, if you schedule them at the right precise moment.


In addition, text message marketing campaigns allow you to build a nice database of subscribers to re-market to with your other channels. This allows you to build your brand further while increasing customer retention and loyalty at the same time.

Text Message Marketing Software

There is no shortage of SMS software providers on the market today. CTownSaver  allows business to run text message marketing campaigns with several of our mobile loyalty rewards plans.


You can schedule text to be sent at a given time, like a customers birthday automatically without worrying about doing it one by one for example.


CTownSaver,s software alowws for text message marketing


Of course, it is easier to capture this information during the registration  process, than to add it manually later. Here is a list of other SMS platforms for you to choose from:


  1. Tatango
  2. EZ Texting
  3. Call Loop
  4. Textedly
  5. Simple Texting
  6. Slick Text



Text message marketing campaigns are an excellent addition to any businesses marketing strategy.  They are easy to set up and the keyword is the biggest thing your team will most likely brainstorm over.


As long as you provide value, you should reap the benefits of having a marketing channel with a high open and response rate, making customer engagement successful.


As with any software, you will see lots of options. So study as many as you fell will bring you the best value to you and your customers. 


Written by Kevin Johnson